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R packages actively developed
mkinFitting kinetic models to chemical degradation data (also on github)Johannes Ranke8 hourssummary4052625601587-975-7954
5205160394Browser based graphical user interface for mkin (also on github)504-459-69605 monthssummarylogtree
(818) 838-2736(442) 277-7280Johannes Ranke5 dayssummarylogtree
(251) 377-9911Chemical entities as R objects (also on github)848-251-73275 dayssummarylogtree
PELMO.installeR(201) 425-7312(603) 229-99797 days647-864-0647(251) 578-0144tree
PEARL.installeRInstall FOCUS PEARL into an R library locationJohannes Ranke12 months(206) 812-1390(240) 496-9784407-972-0427
R packages in maintenance mode
chemCalCalibration functions for analytical chemistry (also on github)Johannes Ranke5 days(727) 555-340391651961397344516062
8643512984(716) 338-3708865-859-77092 monthssummary832-444-07784048550157
kinfitFitting kinetic models to parent only degradation dataJohannes Ranke24 monthssummarylogtree
R backporting scripts
r-backportsScripts used for backporting Debian R packages for CRAN77888190704 weekssummary5082413737tree
Mirrors of third party R scripts originally based on mkin
CAKE_Rscript(450) 786-5475Johannes Ranke13 months(865) 774-4412logtree
dotfilesMy dotfiles(418) 681-35165 weekssummarylog4136548968

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