Why Join QuantModel?

Quantmodel.com is built and managed by Tancal Technology Inc. Tancal Technology was founded in 2014 at Pasadena, California as a quantitive trading system mining company.

Our professional quantitative trading research and management team has mined over 50,000+ high-quality price-volume driven artificial intelligent trading systems since Quantmodel.com established. The team design, evaluate and manage the trading systems to make sure each system online has good winning odds. Team has the unique quantitive method to decide when a trading system should be online or offline. We have at least 50+ trading system active anytime with low correlation which is easy for you to build up a diversified portfolio.

All system are backtested with at least seven years+ historical data with high consistency (R^2>95%), good profit, proper Reward-to-Risk Ratio, low drawdown percentage and low drawdown period.

Each trading signal has a well-defined stop loss, and the trading signal is sent daily to make it easy to follow.

Please contact our partner broker-dealer for the registration invitation code of this site or use the function of “contact us” to submit the relevant information to acquire access to the website.